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10 Lug 2023

Offro Relaxation and Movement Holiday with Biodanza & Tamalpa Life/Art Process BalFolk & Nature/Incense-Rituals

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Offro Relaxation and Movement Holiday with Biodanza & Tamalpa Life/Art Process BalFolk & Nature/Incense-Rituals


The seminar will be hold in GERMAN and ENGLISH

@ ECOVILLAGGIO Alpe Pianello in the mountains above Lake Maggiore, in Italy

Saturday 12 August to Saturday 19 August 2023

move, dance, meet, hike, bathe, smoke, immerse yourself in the magic of nature,
time for yourself, time in the community, time in nature
We dance and experience the abundance and joy of the summer.
We connect to the rhythm of nature.
We get in touch with ourselves and others, experience community, enjoy heart encounters.

We begin Saturday evening after dinner with movement and a
Every morning there will be a movement unit (shorter on
excursion days) based on the Movement Ritual or the Tamalpa
Life/Art Process according to Anna Halprin or BalFolk Dance,
in the evening there will usually be a Biodanza unit and/or a
fire and incense ritual. On excursion days (to the lake and small
hikes), the program is adjusted accordingly, so that vacation
and relaxation are not neglected.

Biodanza means DANCE OF LIFE – Bio, from Greek Bios: Life & Danza: Dance.
Biodanza is a holistic system of dance, music, mindful movement and group encounters. Aesthetic value or step sequences are irrelevant. Biodanza is an invitation to experience vitality, sensuality, joy of life and creativity.

Deep connection with life and the community develops. The positive effect on body, soul and
spirit has now been scientifically proven (Uni Leipzig).

Incense rituals with dried herbs have a long shamanic tradition. The smoke serves as a mediator between the spiritual and physical world. Purification, protection, blessing, healing and vision finding are possible.

If you want, you can receive a powerful and individual incense ritual during the week.
The Tamalpa Life/Art Process® offers the opportunity and the framework to get in touch with oneself,
nature and collective issues.

This happens through movement, dance, creative painting and writing. The creative process leads to a deeper understanding of the nature of our personal and collective being,
promoting transformation and development at all levels.

The MovementRitual developed by Anna Halprin consists of a sequence of systematic and structured
movements to explore the basic principles and the development process of human body movements.
BalFolk – traditional dances from the lively dance culture of Western Europe in a circle, in a longway, in a chain and in pairs. Shared rhythm, different figures and formations in space as well as changing of partners naturally create joy of life and a sense of community.

Venue: PIANELLO ALPE, Via Alpe Pianello, 1, 21010 Dumenza, Italien
Location: Alpe Pianello is located on the slopes of Monte Lema at an altitude of 940 m. It is embedded in a
forest of oak, chestnut, beech, birch and coniferous trees with a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore, well
suited as a starting point for beautiful walks.
Meals: Healthy products, preferably regional and organic, are used for the meals, the food is vegetarian and
tends to be vegan. The water comes from its own spring. No alcohol, drugs or narcotics should be consumed
on the Alpe Pianello site.
Hygiene: Alpe Pianello asks all participants to use organic and biodegradable body products (these can also
be purchased in the Alpe Pianello shop).
Accommodation: There are double and three-bed rooms and a 13-bed dormitory. Two rooms have their own
bathroom (extra charge). There are shared bathrooms and showers for all rooms. On the site there is space
for mobile homes and tents. Please bring your own bed linen and towel, for an additional charge of 5 euros
they can be provided on site.

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